Friday, August 11, 2006

While we were on vacation


Jeph said...

So what's the back story here!?!?! Kittens = CUTE!

A coworker just pointed me to yesterday. Consider yourself warned - HIGH cute factor here! Just click on the kitten/cat you think is cutest, and you get another pairing. Lots of "awwwws!" from anyone who views it!

Weeding the Garden said...

OH JEPH we know about kittenwar. My 8 year old cat freak of a daughter is always checking it.. "mommy come and look at this one" "mommy I wish we had one like that". I will give the kittens a few more weeks and then I will get some pictures submitted.

Jeph said...

Ooh let me know when your new babies are enlisted in the greatest war of all time - KITTENWAR!! RAAAAR! LOL