Monday, August 14, 2006

My life is over..


Jeph said...

So what inappropriate place did your cat decide to give birth? Our cat always found someplace weird - with the first litter she managed to find her way in the partially unzipped side of a soft-sided suitcase, where mom was storing a bunch of brand new white socks she'd bought us kids.

I don't remember for certain, but I'm guessing she washed and bleached those socks before we ever wore them!

Weeding the Garden said...

She decided to have them amoungst my SHOES of ALL places.. She had them a week before I got home from vacation and my husband found her with shoes surrounding her and the kittens..
I had to scrub the carpet when I got home.. She still is in the closet, but on a towel and my really expensive shoes are under my bed now..

Jeph said...

LOL I think that means she loves you! ;-)